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Please use the FAQs to find your answer. Can'tfind the answer you're looking for? No problem! Give us a call on 01274 317 365or chat to us. We are always more than happy to help our customers.

Doyou accept credit/debit cards? Can I Pay by Credit/Debit card?

Yeswe accept all major Credit/Debit cards through PayPal. When you go to thecheckout page, please select PayPal if you wish to pay by Credit/Debit card,click "Confirm Order" and you will be taken to PayPal payment page.Here you can either pay through your PayPal account (if you have one) or chooseto pay by Credit/Debit card. Simply choose the option that suits you and followthe easy on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you can make an on-line or overthe counter transfer into our bank account. Please see "PaymentMethods" in Information section of our website for more details. Needhelp? Call us: 01274 317 365.


Whenyou register, new doors open for you to save money, get special offers, receiveproduct availability alerts, receive newsletter (if you opt in) see your accountactivity, print your invoices and keep track of your order status. We give ourregistered users special discounts which are normally not available tounregistered customers. Need help? Call us: 01274 317 365.

Howlong does my order take to arrive?

Weaim to give you the best possible shopping experience and customer service soyou come back again to shop with us and recommend us. Hence, we endeavour toget your order delivered to you as soon as the payment has been received.However, there are some factors which need to be taken into consideration suchas the "Delivery Method" you choose at the checkout, the time of theyear such as bank holidays and availability of the items. We will always keepyou posted and give you an update on your order. Need help? Call us: 01274 317365.

Howdo I check the status of my order?

Werecommend that you register with us (if you are not already registered). Thisway, you will be able to keep track of your orders, check your account activityand be in control of your account. You can also opt in/out of our "SMSNotification" service. This service sends our customers SMS Notificationwhen their order status changes (provided they opt in). Please note that SMSNotification costs 15p per SMS sent to you.

If you're not a registered customer, please use this link "Guest Order View" to see the progress of your order. Need help? Call us: 01274 317 365..

Why am I being asked to confirm my email?

Before you can access our website, you need to confirm your email address. This helps to prevent spammers and speeds up the order processing. We will use this email to send you invoices and order confirmation emails, hence confirmation is required. Need help? Call us: 01274 317 365.

Why do I need to confirm my email address?

Upon submitting your account registration form, we will send you an email confirmation link to your email address. All you need to do is to click the link provided in the email with the subject "Security First - Please verify your new account" and you are done. You will only be asked to this once ,immediately after your account registration submission. Need help? Call us: 01274 317 365.